10 Signs It’s Time to Adopt a Dog

There’s nothing happier than a heart and a home that’s making a place for a dog adoption!

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Just the thought kindles a gentle, pervasive warmth that lightens the corners of your smile.  I had forgotten, in these four years, how much happiness four paws and a wet nose could add to my life.  Best of all, there’s a rescue dog out there who wants to do just that – in exchange for a forever home.

10 Reasons to Adopt a Dog:

1.  Cat Negotiation

Can’t say that a slightly older rescue dog will not harass the cat….but it might not be a top priority as it is for a puppy.  In any event, the cat will have something else to do other than bossing me around.

Zelda's Song custom leather dog collars2.  Shabby Carpets

It’s ok if there’s still some training to do.  But I can at least get started picking out a carpet color, because housebreaking won’t take as long.

3.  Save the Flowers

Even a young rescue dog  may be on a mission to dig his or her way to China via my flower beds.  But I can work with a hint of maturity and attention span to divert my adopted dog towards better, funner things to do.

4.  The back seat of my SUV is empty.

Zelda's Song Leather Photo braceletsThe only thing I ask of a rescue dog is the willingness to become a good citizen in order to travel the world with me.  As long as I make that clear from the beginning of my search, I know that responsible rescue organizations will help me make the right choice.

Judging from these photos of shelter dogs going home, I don’t think there will be a problem with riding in the car!

5.  Can’t part with the dog gates, either.

Zelda's Song charm photo braceletChances are good that I will still need my dog crates for a new rescue dog, to establish his or her own space.  And perhaps to impose a little discipline in the beginning, if needed.

But a rescue dog who has been fostered, or who has spent time in a crate, has some concept of boundaries.  So proceed directly to the dog gates!  From the get-go I can set up a space within the hub of the household that both includes the new rescue dog and protects my stuff!Zelda's Song custom photo jewelry

6.  I really want to splurge on taking care of a rescue dog.

I know a puppy loves new toys…but a rescued dog really deserves new toys!  And a new custom leather dog collar, (maybe one with a matching photo jewelry bracelet for me!), a dog ID tag, a dog bed, and the very best in nutrition and medical care.

It will be fun to see if my rescue dog already has a preference in toys – squeaky, stuffed, not-stuffed, Kong, rope pulls, tennis balls…the list goes on!  And if my adopted dog is a female…well, we girls have a lot of shopping to do!Zelda's Song double dog photo keychain

7.  Mornings without a wet nose is like a morning without sunshine.

Joyous anticipation for the upcoming day has never been so truly expressed as in the eyes of a dog, beckoning you from the side of your bed to arise and join in!

I don’t know if a rescue dog will step right into that role.  It really depends on what life was like before for him or Zelda's Song Mutt Leather Collarher.

Regardless, I know that very few dogs ever loose that spark and I am committed to getting us both to that point when the first order of day is to be happy!

8.  Zelda would want it.

If Zelda was here today, I know she would share her home because she knew her dog-mom (me) had plenty of love to go around!

Zelda's Song custom photo charm bracelets9.  I can give an adopted dog a good home.

Not just the stuff, but the love, attention and patience that may be required to make a rescue dog secure and happy in his or her forever home.

10.  It’s just not right that a dog should become a rescue dog.

Dogs love us and depend on us…and ask for so little in return.  Taking away their home, even Zelda's Song gifts for dog loversone with only the bare necessities, is a betrayal of that love.  It’s just wrong.

As much as I want there never to be a rescue dog who needs a forever home, all I can do is give one the best home possible.

What advice can you give me about dog adoption?

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