10 Signs It’s Time to Get a Puppy

2014 is a year of change.

Bernese Mountain Dog PuppyZelda, my beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, has been gone four years.  I have lived vicariously through all the wonderful dog photos sent to be made into Zelda’s Song dog themed photo jewelry – and through all the wonderful stories that members of the Zelda’s Song Pack have shared with me.

But now, it’s time to change that.

As you know, I am a dedicated Bernese Mountain Dog mom.  So my only dilemma – a puppy or an older dog rescue?

Let’s start with the case for a pup…

pit bull puppy1.  Cat Management

Right now, the cat wins all the arguments.  She won’t so much with a puppy.

2.  Shabby Carpets

What better time to get a pup than when the carpeting is on its way out, anyway?

Lab puppy3.  Flowers Don’t Love You Back

Perfect flower beds are a lot of work – and puppy magnets.  Time for a break.

4.  The back seat of my SUV is empty.

Too quiet, too.  I miss the dog water bowl, half-chewed dog bones, and most of the sand from the beach that used to accumulate back there.  Oh yeah, the inside of the windows are too clean.

german shepherd pup5.  Can’t part with the dog crates.

And what a fine collection of dog crates I have….a different size for every 6 months up to 2!  I’d have to pay someone to take them away.

6.  Lots of new, cool stuff to buy.

Not just dog toys, dog beds, and dog collars – but all sorts of new products to promote dog health, safety and well-being that just weren’t around when I had Zelda.

yorkie puppy7.  I get out of bed faster when I hear a whimper.

An alarm clock isn’t going to leave a puddle…a whimpering puppy will.

8.  Zelda would want it.

I know she’d think it was time to go on – we had a wonderful life together, and part of that was possible because of the lessons I’d learned living with Casey, my first Bernese Mountain Dog, and Molly, my Newfoundland.

Labradoodle puppy9.  I’m ready to be a good dog mom.

I may not end up a dog whisperer, but it’s time to make whatever commitment is necessary to good dog training – especially puppy obedience lessons.  Maybe even to hope that he or she becomes a therapy dog, or a canine good citizen.

corgi puppy10.  I’d like to be really happy again.

Life with a dog brings a unique happiness with it that cannot be replaced by anything else.

What Would You Do?

I’d love to know about how you made your choice – how did you decide between a puppy or an older dog rescue?

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