Bring Sunshine and a Smile with Pet Photo Jewelry

When you think about photo jewelry – especially about pet photo jewelry or a pet picture bracelet – you’d think it was more about keeping your own precious memories with you all the time.  After all, it’s about life with you and your fur kid – preserved fur ever.

Or is it?

Certainly, there are times when I’m wearing my pet photo bracelet and I get an opportunity to show off my pack – all of them (even the cats) – to another pet parent who is as crazy about their pets as I am about mine.

But I never expected this to happen.  Today was a day that seemed like most, except for one thing:

I dunno, I just couldn’t figure why so many people smiled at me all day.

The day started like most warm, early spring days.  A little more sunshine, a little more optimism.  I dressed in my workshop clothes, but decided to wear a new necklace – a small gesture to mirror the newness of the season.

Photo jewelryArriving at the workshop where we create our personalized pet photo jewelry, our neighbor was puttering around with some equipment outside his space.  We exchanged the usual pleasantries about the weather and business, but he seemed to hold on to the conversation for a few extra minutes…then, smiling broadly, he wished me well and returned to his task.

Nice guy.  I guess he was as happy about the warm weather as I was.

Customer orders for our dog jewelry and personalized pet photo jewelry in process, I left the workshop for a quick run to pick up packaging at a nearby store.  The counter lady is always so helpful there, and I exchanged more casual chatter with her as my items were wrapped.  Handing them over to me, she seemed to hold her eye contact for an extra moment…then, she smiled brightly and cheerfully wished me well.

Hmmm…someone else happy about the weather.

GO NOW Mid-afternoon, I decided to stop for a late lunch at a diner along the way home.  Eating alone at the counter, I scrolled through my phone messages and thought about my remaining tasks for the day.  I motioned for the check, and politely, the waitress came and scribbled out my charge on her pad.  As she tore the sheet from her pad, she looked up at me for the first time – and stopped, seemingly to take a good look at me.  A warm and personable smile broke out across her face, and she sincerely wished me a good day as she handed me the check.

OK, this is starting to get weird.

When the end of the day came and I was getting ready for bed, I thought back over the all I had done and all I had to do.  A good day, but I was still puzzled about why everyone seemed to smile at me all day.  Pondering that, I took off my personalized pet photo necklace and held it for a moment…

Pet photo necklaceIt was my Rosie Photo Necklace with a picture of Heidi…on her 9th birthday.  When she was diagnosed with lung cancer just after her 7th birthday and was destined for surgery and chemotherapy, I hardly dared think about her making her 9th birthday.  And yet, here she is – beautiful and happy with the cancer under control…I smiled.

That’s when it hit me.  People weren’t smiling at me…they were smiling at my photo necklace with the picture of Heidi.

 The warm weather had revealed the contents of my heart for the world to see – via my Rosie Photo Necklace with Heidi – and it made people smile.

Because when it comes to pets, everyone understands the love that’s involved.  And in a crazy world, it’s worth a moment to stop and smile at that.

So, I’ve changed my mind about pet photo jewelry.  It’s not just my own personal story…it’s about sharing the love behind the story with the world.


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