Fetch Joy! Retrieve the Memory.

It was just a year ago that Zelda’s Song took to the market place with a dream and some well-made products.  Actually, more dream than product.

It wasn’t a typical entrepreneur’s dream of fame and fortune – of “exit strategies” and plentiful venture funding.  No, it was a dream based on the wisdom of the heart that spoke to the forever-ness of the love and life we share with our dogs.

Zelda’s Song was started relatively shortly after I lost Zelda to malignant hystiocytosis, as many of you know.  Faced with such heartbreak, I didn’t want to surrender to the loss  but instead focus on the joy we knew.  And I wanted to keep that close to my heart – always.

So when it came time to come up with a tagline for the company, “Fetch Joy.  Keep the Memory!” sounded about right.

Year 2

I can’t really pinpoint the one thing that’s made this past year so incredible.  One thing for sure has been the joy and fun of having someone’s beloved dog pop-up on my screen as I open an email or download – and delighting in the loving, dedicated, mischievous, coy, playful, pouting – but most of all, authentic expressions on the faces of these dogs.

I consider it an honor to highlight the essence of these expressions – which come direct from the heart – in the Zelda’s Song bracelets and keychains.  It amazes me how the transition into the jewelry seems to intensify and distill the unique personality of each and every dog.

But it’s more than that.  The other half of the equation is working with dog-moms and dog-dads, getting to hear more about the story behind the picture, which is just one small chapter in the greater story of the life they have with their dog.

And so, as a result of connecting with so many other dog-parents, I find that I recall so many more loving memories of Zelda and the life we shared.

In fact, you could say that I’ve retrieved them.

“Fetch Joy!  Retrieve the Memory.”

There are two lessons from my first year.  First, I learned that heartbreaking loss can make you miserly.  I wanted to place a strangle-hold on every single remnant of my life with Zelda.  It’s understandable.  But that hardens the heart, and keeps out the residual joy that comes when you see another dog with the same loving, dedicated, mischievous, coy, playful or pouting expression….just like Zelda.

The other lesson is this: as dog-moms and dog-dads, we are all united by the love and joy that these creatures called dogs give us in abundance.

So as I start out on my second year, it is only right to make these lessons part of Zelda’s Song.  I have changed my tagline.  Beyond that, the images you see here – expressions of the joy and love between dog-moms and dog-dads – are now the images of Zelda’s Song as we go forward into our second year.

A Special Thank You

For helping me show the meaning of Zelda’s Song, many thanks to Dr. Patricia Hart of the Southport Veterinary Center (http://www.southportvetcenter.com) with Powder and Fern; Monique and Willet; Lauren and Chile; Kaitlyn and Chicago; Bob and Bella.  Also, Lexy, Russ and Rowdy…and the very talented Joy Bush, photographer (http://joybushphotography.com/)