How to Fit Your Dog on Your Wrist (or in Your Pocket) So It Looks Nice – Part I

The Zelda’s Song Photo Process, Illustrated

Part I: Working in Space

The most asked question from customers is about how I take a picture of their dog – in digital form, or from a piece of paper – and make it fit exactly into a Zelda’s Song Custom  Leather or Charm Bracelet, or Custom Keychain.

Some people at first assume that the fixture is a locket, and they can slip a photo into it.  But no.  What is the likelihood that someone would have a picture of the dog, exactly framed and sized to 7/8” or 5/8”?  Not very….and it would be frustrating to sit there with scissors, hunting and pecking through photos to find the right one that fit.

I don’t think anyone would be happy with Zelda’s Song, then.  Besides, the image wouldn’t have the brilliance that the metal-paper photo paper can give it, nor would it be safe and waterproof under a generous layer of clear resin.

The secret is to be found in space – “digital space” and “paper space”.

Size Doesn’t Matter in Digital Space

Without getting too technical, digital space really means the “work space” on your computer monitor (and I use a 27” iMac!).  It’s like taking your entire photograph and spreading it out on the desk at whatever size you need to work on it.   If you work with Microsoft Office, it’s like working on your Word or Excel spreadsheet – before you hit “Print Preview” to determine how you want the document to print.

Here it’s important to understand that the actual physical size of the photo – or the part of it you want to feature, like a face – doesn’t really matter for now.

Note: Not to Exact Scale

What if you don’t have a digital photo – like a jpeg or other format?  No worries, send me the paper photo and I can digitally scan it to put it into digital space.  I always return your photo!

Proportion in Digital Space

The Zelda’s Song fixtures are proportioned in a square – and for right now, the exact measurement isn’t important.  My task is to “crop” or “frame” the image so that it occupies as much space side-to-side as it does up-and-down.  The width is equal to the height.

Here’s where I run into a problem sometimes.  With some photos, there literally isn’t enough of an image width-wise or height-wise.  Sometimes I have to include more of the background than I’d like, just to fill the proportion.  On very, very rare occasions, I may need another photo or may need to do some photo-retouching.

So how can you tell if your photo will make the cut – and what should you do if you don’t think it will?  Send it to me to evaluate.  I can give you an answer quickly, and can offer options or recommendations if there’s any issue.

And as a guide, you can always take a look at the customer photos on the 2013 Zelda’s Song Calendar – sign up for your free copy here:

Stay Tuned for Part II: The Journey to Paper Space, and the Fun Part for Me

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