My Plan of Attack on Cancer in Dogs

When it comes to cancer in dogs, I’m not giving up the battle. Especially when it comes to my beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Heidi.

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You may know that she was diagnosed first with mast cell cancer and then, with lung cancer, late last year.

For treatment, I went immediately to the most highly recommended oncologists at Cornell Veterinary Specialists in Stamford. Heidi’s mast cell tumor was removed without incident. A second procedure removed the two smallest of her six lung lobes, and we started chemotherapy.

After her ordeal, I wanted to capture just how remarkably well she was doing – and so I made this video, “Who Wants to Go for A Ride?”, to celebrate.

Stacking the Odds In Her Favor

Obviously, I wanted to do what I could to help battle against the cancer. Although she has tolerated the chemotherapy well (she has yet to miss a meal), I wanted to find and use any advantage to help tip the scales in her favor.

Through research, I learned that diets high in protein were important for dogs suffering from cancer. That’s because the metabolic changes created by cancer deprive the body of protein, so the body starts to feed on its own protein stored in muscles, causing canine cancer-sufferers to “waste” away.

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I wasn’t sure if that was true with lung cancer, but I thought why wait to find out?

Now, I have to tell you that my “little missy-miss” has dined on grain-free lamb kibble, mixed with baked chicken that I make for her, just about every meal since the day I adopted her more than two years ago. (Sardines too – she loves them!)

But I wanted to step it up, and find a way to do it more easily.

That’s when I came across these amazing Crockpot recipes for dogs!

Help from Pinterest

Pinterest Infographic crockpotUntil recently, I’ve been a dabbler on Pinterest.  But now that I’m getting more involved with Zelda’s Song on Pinterest, I’m surprised to find so much helpful information.

If you are looking for an easy – and cost effective – way to keep fresh, wholesome foods in your dog’s bowl, check out some of these recipes. It’s super easy to throw all this into the pot, set it and forget it for 8 hours! Plus, I’m getting nearly a week’s worth of meals out of a single pot.

What’s Next?

On Monday, we return to Cornell for a third type of chemotherapy. The previous two did not eliminate the cancer, although it did slow the progression.

Heidi is doing very well. She has gained a few pounds, and you would never know she’s sick, watching her wiggle-butts and joy over getting into the car with me.

We will see where we go from here.

In any event, I can’t overemphasize how important it is to have insurance. Without Trupanion absorbing the majority of the over $20,000 in treatments, I don’t think Heidi would be here today.

Have you had experience with lung cancer in your dog? Let me know here.

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