Debunking the “Made in America” Myth

Just last week, Zelda’s Song participated in a new trade show in Manhattan – the Re-tails and Sales Expo – Made in America Pet Products.  Sponsored by Pet Age and Made in USA Certified, the show was designed to raise the awareness of US manufactured products with pet retailers. Of course, because my dog themed […]

10 Signs It’s Time to Adopt a Dog

There’s nothing happier than a heart and a home that’s making a place for a dog adoption! Just the thought kindles a gentle, pervasive warmth that lightens the corners of your smile.  I had forgotten, in these four years, how much happiness four paws and a wet nose could add to my life.  Best of […]

10 Signs It’s Time to Get a Puppy

2014 is a year of change. Zelda, my beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, has been gone four years.  I have lived vicariously through all the wonderful dog photos sent to be made into Zelda’s Song dog themed photo jewelry – and through all the wonderful stories that members of the Zelda’s Song Pack have shared with […]

Is There Room in Your Heart for a Fish Bowl?

When I tell people about what I do – and why I do it – sometimes, they are puzzled. The concept of wearing a photo of your dog – or cat – in a piece of photo jewelry seems odd to them…and for different reasons.  There are those people who prefer not to recognize that […]

A Fur-Ever Love Story

It wasn’t the usual doggie greeting, as far as I can recall. Their noses passed closely for a quick, mutual whiff – but it was the way their eyes lit up that I remember. Recognition of one kindred spirit by another illuminated their faces and happened in a second, but it would last their lifetimes.  […]