Are Retractable Leashes Dangerous?

After a few days of shoveling ourselves out from the recent snowstorm, my husband and I decided to venture out in the velvety dark winter evening for dinner.  The snow was piled at least 3 feet high alongside the driveway, creating a narrow chute to the street.  The town plow had been through a couple […]

Decoding the Meaning of Dog Show Ribbons

Dog shows are a mystery to me. How could a judge possibly decide which dog is best?  I mean really – just look at those faces! My experience with judging is very limited.  I entered Zelda into the dog show at the Agricultural Fair one year.  She came in second, and got a red ribbon.  […]

How to Fit Your Dog on Your Wrist (or in Your Pocket) So It Looks Nice – Part I

The Zelda’s Song Photo Process, Illustrated Part I: Working in Space The most asked question from customers is about how I take a picture of their dog – in digital form, or from a piece of paper – and make it fit exactly into a Zelda’s Song Custom  Leather or Charm Bracelet, or Custom Keychain. […]