Is There Room in Your Heart for a Fish Bowl?

Fish for Zelda's Song Photo BraceletWhen I tell people about what I do – and why I do it – sometimes, they are puzzled.

The concept of wearing a photo of your dog – or cat – in a piece of photo jewelry seems odd to them…and for different reasons.  There are those people who prefer not to recognize that life has a way of connecting you to certain others (even non-humans) from a deep place in the heart.  Maybe they are just a little afraid of loosing that connection, so they don’t want to be reminded.

Some people – well, they sort of get the dog or cat thing.  They had a dog or a cat they loved a long time ago, but really, if you are going to the trouble of creating a photo bracelet or photo keychain with your dog’s photo…hmmm, shouldn’t you really do it with a photo of your kid/mom/grandma?  Otherwise, that makes you a crazy dog-person or cat-lady….right?

And then there are those who believe that dogs and cats are….well, just animals.

The truth of the matter is this: the heart has many compartments.

Anatomy of the Heart

Often, people speak like there are only 2 sizes of hearts: big and none.

Fish for Zelda's Song Photo Charm BraceletIn reality, our hearts are as large as we want them to be.  Like an enormous, sunny condominium, we open up and fill new units with the things that are meaningful to us – people and creatures that we love, that become part of who we are…but most importantly – those who give love back to us.

Can you say that you love the occupant of 2B – your mom – more than 3F – your child?  Of course not.  There are no apples-to-apples comparisons in matters of the heart.

And so it is with our beloved pet companions, and why they are as much welcomed into our hearts as any of our other loved ones.

Is There Room in Your Heart for a Fish Bowl?

I must admit my bias.  I have plenty of places in my heart for my dogs and cats…but fish?  I never really considered that – until I created a Zelda’s Song Leather Photo Bracelet for fish-mom, Allegra, in memory of her fish, Fighter.

Zelda's Song Leather Photo Bracelet with Fighter


Allegra told me this about Fighter:

“Fighter was very special, he knew his name and some tricks.  Not your ordinary fish!

It is wonderful hearing that my boy is the first fish to ever grace such a beautiful bracelet!  I think the bracelet is such a beautiful and unique way to honor someone who was small but a very special part of my life and is missed dearly since he passed a few months ago.”

These are words that any dog or cat-mom or dad would understand!

Do you have a special memory of a dog, cat, fish, bird or other pet that you’d like to share with the Zelda’s Song Pack?  Let us know – we get it!

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