Fetch Joy! Retrieve the Memory.

It was just a year ago that Zelda’s Song took to the market place with a dream and some well-made products.  Actually, more dream than product. It wasn’t a typical entrepreneur’s dream of fame and fortune – of “exit strategies” and plentiful venture funding.  No, it was a dream based on the wisdom of the […]

If Dogs Could Fly…

Hendrix wouldn’t have ended up in Ireland. By now you’ve heard about Hendrix, the English Springer Spaniel who was supposed to  make the journey on United Airlines from New Jersey to Phoenix but ended up in Ireland. Accidents happen, and fortunately Hendrix was in no physical danger.  He was cared for properly in Ireland, getting […]

Are Retractable Leashes Dangerous?

After a few days of shoveling ourselves out from the recent snowstorm, my husband and I decided to venture out in the velvety dark winter evening for dinner.  The snow was piled at least 3 feet high alongside the driveway, creating a narrow chute to the street.  The town plow had been through a couple […]

Decoding the Meaning of Dog Show Ribbons

Dog shows are a mystery to me. How could a judge possibly decide which dog is best?  I mean really – just look at those faces! My experience with judging is very limited.  I entered Zelda into the dog show at the Agricultural Fair one year.  She came in second, and got a red ribbon.  […]