When Dog Collars Speak

Who would think that dog collars have anything to say? Some do. It all started with the Swiss, centuries ago…and the significance is as relevant today as it was then. So long ago (and even somewhat today), Swiss families prospered according to the health of their farms and particularly, their cow herds. Any help they […]

5 Ways to Memorialize Your Pet by Dr. Elizabeth Benson of Paws into Grace

Pets are more than companions, they’re members of the family. When members of the family die, we find a way to memorialize the life they lived and the love they shared with us. We use the process of remembering their life as a way of easing into the transition of not having them around. When […]

10 Signs It’s Time to Adopt a Dog

There’s nothing happier than a heart and a home that’s making a place for a dog adoption! Just the thought kindles a gentle, pervasive warmth that lightens the corners of your smile.  I had forgotten, in these four years, how much happiness four paws and a wet nose could add to my life.  Best of […]