Great Hearts and Good Art!

Loveland, Colorado was just the setting for the 2013 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA) Specialty.  Pristine, snow covered peaks of the Rockies – reminiscent of the Swiss Alps – served as the backdrop for the convergence of Berners from all parts of the U.S. Last year, I journeyed to the Specialty in Gettysburg […]

Fetch Joy! Retrieve the Memory.

It was just a year ago that Zelda’s Song took to the market place with a dream and some well-made products.  Actually, more dream than product. It wasn’t a typical entrepreneur’s dream of fame and fortune – of “exit strategies” and plentiful venture funding.  No, it was a dream based on the wisdom of the […]

The Multi-Packing Alpha Female

I get a lot of smiles and the occasional quick chuckle when I say it. I am the Alpha Female of Zelda’s Song.  That’s my title. But I mean it….as in the dog world.  The top female leader, the one who takes on the responsibility for the direction, well-being and protection of the pack.  Even […]

How to Fit Your Dog on Your Wrist (or in Your Pocket) So It Looks Nice – Part I

The Zelda’s Song Photo Process, Illustrated Part I: Working in Space The most asked question from customers is about how I take a picture of their dog – in digital form, or from a piece of paper – and make it fit exactly into a Zelda’s Song Custom  Leather or Charm Bracelet, or Custom Keychain. […]