The Multi-Packing Alpha Female

I get a lot of smiles and the occasional quick chuckle when I say it.

I am the Alpha Female of Zelda’s Song.  That’s my title.

But I mean it….as in the dog world.  The top female leader, the one who takes on the responsibility for the direction, well-being and protection of the pack.  Even if it means a snarl here or nip there to keep everyone tracking in the right direction.

I didn’t realize it had a slightly more harsh connotation in the human world until I googled it.  Figures.  It sort of happened to the cougar, too.

The Two Packs of Zelda’s Song

When I think about it, I actually have two packs to care about.

The first pack is the group of people who enthusiastically gave of their talents, wisdom and experience to help me turn a fairly whacky idea into beautiful products with meaning.  And now that we’ve made a good start of it, they continue to draw from the best of what they know how to do to make it even better.

Why would someone care so much…and I’ve asked it myself.  I haven’t needed to do too much snarling or nipping to keep us all going, and we definitely don’t fight over food.

It’s because in our hearts we all know about that love – the love and devotion of a dog that is ultimately one of the purest emotions anyone will ever know.

Sure, business is business.  But there’s always room for the heart to whisper a few words about what we choose to do everyday, and how we do it.  And it’s those words that remind my pack members that we are helping others to honor that same relationship with their dogs.

The Other Pack

My other pack is far more dispersed – it consists of all the dog-moms, dog-dads and dog-siblings across the country who have trusted Zelda’s Song to create a lasting memory of the relationship they enjoy with their dog.

But it’s more than that.  So many of you have shared the stories of life with your dog without reservation.  I’m so happy for that – at Zelda’s Song, it’s ok to love your dog that much.  And you are in the company of others who feel the same way and want to hear your story.

Sharing all that’s good about life with a dog…that’s what I capture and share with all Zelda’s Song pack members in “The Fetch Joy Journal”.  If you haven’t already, sign up here:  “The Fetch Joy Journal”.

The Difference of A Year

A year ago Zelda’s Song debuted at the HH Backer Show in New Jersey.  I had no idea what would happen.  I just knew that if I stayed true to serving the memory of my life with Zelda, it would work out ok.

It’s been even better than that – having the chance to bring other dog people comfort, delight and joy.

So yes, I am the Alpha Female, but I follow the same call that we all do.

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