The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist

 Are You Ready for Your New Puppy?

Can you ever be ready for your first puppy? If you have not had a puppy before or any kind of dog, being prepared for suddenly having one in the house can be a bit like trying to prepare for having your first baby. The only difference is a puppy is a lot more active from the get go. To be ready, you need to have the ultimate checklist of things to get beforehand and things to get you, the puppy, and the house ready. These include:

new puppy checklistSupplies for your Puppy

By this we mean stuff. A new puppy is going to need a lot of stuff from puppy-specific food to a crate for your dog to turn into a den. You are also going to need bedding, food and water bowls, tags, collar, 6ft leash, training treats, toys, medications such as for fleas and ticks, brushes and combs, shampoo, nail clippers, and more. Supplies are just the start of what you need.

Your 10 Point Checklist

  1. Create a Puppy Budget
  2. Find a Veterinarian
  3. Immunity Shots
  4. Ectoparasite Treatments
  5. Diet Plan – keep your puppy at a good weight
  6. Deworming
  7. Heartworm Treatment
  8. Prepare for Teething at 4-6 months
  9. Puppy Proof the House
  10. Get them Spayed or Neutered

My Sweet Puppy have produced a full checklist with far more details on each step on the list including more information on supplies. If you are getting a new puppy soon, it’s a good idea to check out the complete checklist.

Zelda’s Song is pleased to host a contribution from freelance guest writer, Jess Walter, of who created a pawesome checklist sure to help any new dog parent fully prepare for bringing home a new pup!


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