Westminster Dog Show – A Love Story

For me, it’s not just about Best In Show – Westminster Dog Show is one big love story.Westminster Dog ShowWestminster Dog Show

I was right in the thick of it this year as a working photographer – and what it thrill it was to be there!

So close to so many beautiful dogs, dedicated owners and skilled handlers, stepping into their moment on the New York stage to present some of the best examples of their breed’s defining characteristics.

Much has been written about Westminster – agree or disagree with the notion of breeding to a standard.

Westminster Dog ShowBut I knew there was something more about Westminster – and other dog shows – that transcends the discussion of physical attributes, or politics or show ribbons.Westminster Dog Show

I think I found the magic behind all of this.  At the very core, what really counts is the love and affection between a person and a dog.Westminster Dog Show

Take a look at these photos here – and the complete albums “The Best of Westminster 2015” and “The Berners of Westminster” on Facebook – and tell me if you agree…(don’t forget to “Like” me!)…

Westminster Dog ShowWestminster dog show

Westminster Dog Show

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